Teaser Tuesday!

I just saw that they made The Giver by Lois Lowry into a movie!  I haven’t read the book since 8th grade, but I decided in order to watch the movie I wanted to re-read the book so I could better compare the two.  Side note: I usually think that re-reading a book is a waste of time when you could be reading something new.  I still somewhat believe that, but I have definitely changed my tune a bit since beginning Adolescent Literature.  What’s your opinion about re-reading books?


The Giver (The Giver, #1)

This is a somewhat short book (less than 200 pages), so I’m already almost done with it and I’ve only read it for about 3 hours.  So instead of pulling quotes from the book and predicting what’s going to happen in this week’s Teaser Tuesday, I’m going to pull my two favorite quotes and tease you all with them so you want to read the book!

“We thank you for your childhood.”
Dark, eh?  Someone’s childhood is gone… but at least they’ve been thanked for it?  I won’t keep the fact that this book is somewhat of a downer secret.  But right now dystopian literature seems to be all the rage, so if you’re in the fandom of The Hunger Games and whatnot, I’m sure you’ll love this book and the children who are no longer children while they’re still children…  And if you’re into futuristic/sci-fi type of books then you’ll love this one more than likely, too!

“Today is declared an unscheduled holiday.”
Now if that doesn’t give away the fact that the world is perfect in this book, I don’t know what will.  Just kidding 🙂 We have holidays, sure.  But we get to do whatever we want to on our holidays.  You want to blow stuff up and eat more hot dogs than take breaths?  Have at it on the 4th of July (or any other day you wish because you’re independent and have rights!)  But in poor Jonas’ world an ‘unscheduled holiday’ means no bike riding, playing, or lounging around.  You go inside and you stay inside until the ‘unscheduled holiday’ goes away and your ‘typical’ day resumes.  The book’s controversial, but a magnificent read.


6 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday!

  1. I love re-reading books. Coincidentally, The Giver is the book I’ve re-read the most (I don’t know how many times exactly, but several for sure). The text itself might not change from one read to another, but if you view reading as a dynamic process (reader + text = experience) then you could say the expereince can change from read to read as you, the reader, will change. You take note of different themes and values from one read to another, in other words.

    Not to say it will ever be as beneficial as reading new literature, I’m just stating it can have its value still. I personally re-read books because I find comfort in familiar things.


    • Like I said in my post, I haven’t read the book since I was 14, so I totally understand what you mean by a new experience. The first time that I read the book I thought that the concept of a world like this was awful — I already lived in a world where adults dictated my every move, I really didn’t want that to keep happening when I was older. But this time I looked at it with the perspective of ‘wow this could really happen.’ It’s depressing, but that’s probably the whole reason why Lowry wrote the book.


  2. First of all – it is so crazy reading anything about this book/movie because my son is named Jonas! haha
    I’m a rereader. I admit it. Actually, I have a handful of books that I pretty much have memorized and it takes a great deal for me to stray from my beloved stories. This class is one of those pushes I sometimes need to embrace new stories and branch out from what is comfortable.


    • I don’t know why I’ve been rereading lately. I think it’s because it’s been a while since I’ve read this book and I just couldn’t really remember any of it. When you don’t remember it, it’s like discovering a new story, isn’t it? Plus, I look at it with a different perspective now than when I was 14.


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