Goals and Challenges


Taking Adolescent Literature has allowed me to look back to my middle and high school years.  From the time I learned how to read until my freshman year of high school, I would read what I wanted everyday for hours.  Then, during my freshman year of high school, I basically stopped altogether.  I had more assigned readings (and assignments in general), I had my first job, and I played three sports and belonged to other extracurricular activities; I could not put the enjoyment derived from reading the books I wanted to in front of my responsibilities.  Now, although I am still guilty of putting reading in front of completing my other assignments, I have learned to work around it.  In a normal semester, I would read one, maybe two books for fun.  Now, I have already read 10!

My favorite and most memorable book so far has been The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian.  In the 7th grade, my language arts teacher was reading this book and highly recommended it to us — but when we were older because it was a little risqué in parts.  I thought it was so funny but honest.  I love a book I can laugh at and I will definitely read it again.

Since I have had a hard time since high school reading fun books, I worried about fitting the four hours into my schedule.  But, since it is an assignment, I don’t feel bad about doing it.  Before, I would just avoid starting a book because I have such a hard time not finishing it in a day or two.  I still, for the most part, do this, but now I do not feel guilty about it because I know I have to.  I cannot feel guilty for having a fun time reading when it is actually homework!  So far, I have done an excellent job of meeting my goal: reading four or more hours each week.

A new goal I will set for the second half of the semester is to read more diverse books.  I have trouble wandering far from what I know I enjoy.  After spring break, I will try to read books from time-to-time that are outside of my comfort zone.

While I struggle with the course learning goal of reading widely in the field of adolescent literature, I am so proud of my progress in the course goal of responding to literature through blogging, Twitter posts, and Twitter chats.  Although technology is inescapable in today’s world, I am basically illiterate in it.  But look at me now, just blogging away! 🙂  I would love to use blogging as a tool in my classroom someday.  Learning is so much fun, and I cannot wait to use what I have learned in this class!


4 thoughts on “Goals and Challenges

  1. I’m so glad that having an assignment to read for fun is helping you take that time and read! Sometimes students struggle with this assignment because it’s easy to prioritize work that has deadlines and due dates. But I don’t see how we can be effective English teachers if we aren’t making time for our own literate lives too. Several people have said they want to try reading more diversely after break, so I’ll work up some readings and recommendations about that.


    • I think it will be so fun to be able to give students recommendations about what they might like to read someday! The more diversely I read, the better equipped I will be to do this.


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