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Do Social Media Reviews Really Lead to More Sales

Happy Wednesday!

Today I decided to discover how Pinterest can be used as a tool in a reader’s life.  In order to use Pinterest, you have to set up an account first.  (All that you need is pretty standard login information, though.)  Pinterest is divided into several categories, and the one that I checked out was called “Film, Music, and Books”.  A lot of it, honestly, was just pictures.  Some were linked to articles, blogs, etc. that are interesting and helpful, but it just kind of depends.  I actually thought that typing in entries into the search bar like ‘YA reading’ and ‘literature’ was more helpful than the broad category of “Film, Music, and Books”.

This week I have already read I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson, but I got a ton of other YA book ideas from Pinterest (which I tweeted @horn_shannon).  The biggest takeaway I had from my time on Pinterest was that it can suck you in.  Haha it really is like a black hole!  You see something you think you might be interested in, click on it, and 20 minutes later you have to click the back button 100 times to get back to where you started.  It’s easy to get sidetracked, too.

I’ve already used Goodreads to find new reads, but Pinterest is a viable option to use, too.  I’d also like to see if I could use Twitter for new read finds.


2 thoughts on “Social Media & YA

  1. I think it is amazing how great Pinterest can really be! It is a good place to find some good books and reviews of them as well.


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