It’s Monday! What are you reading?

Anatomy of a Misfit

We are so near the finish line of the semester!  Personally, I built my own finish line (a finish line of laziness and ill-advised complacency) and meandered across it a couple of weeks ago.

Last week I used Pinterest again to get a YA recommendation.  I found a book by Andrea Portes called Anatomy of a Misfit – with such an intriguing title I couldn’t help but want to know what the book’s contents could possibly have to offer!

In it, we meet 15-year-old “mentally deranged” Anika Dragomir.  It was a fairly long read, but I was able to get through it well enough because of Anika’s humor.  Anika is super popular at her high school (3rd most popular to be exact).  She’s super ornery, but super funny.  The main conflict of the story is due to her interest in a boy, but her interest also in maintaining her social rank, which will crumble if she pursues love.

I think this novel sends a good message to young women, and I would like to either see it in my school’s library when I become a teacher or include it in my own classroom.  Even though the book is really funny, if you’re looking solely for a feel-good read just be warned that the ending is cryable.  (I think that word should exist.)  And! Get this! She’s from Nebraska!  Lincoln, so hours and hours away from Chadron, but still pretty neat.


4 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What are you reading?

  1. “[B]uilt my own finish line. . . and meandered across it…” -.- Oh, you sneaky poet -.-

    Anyways, yeah. Hmm. Can’t say I can connect with this book. Bummer. Ha not really, one advantage of being a male is being able to declare these dilemmas as foreign! Probably a great read for some girls though, I and many others love reading books set in school.

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