It’s Monday! What are you reading?

It’s almost finals week! And that means it’s almost summer!! Yay for warm weather and less homework! J

This past week I wanted to read two books, but only got one and probably 10% of the other done. So this post will focus on Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass.

If you’re looking for a serious book that gives serious information about the serious topic of bullying, keep looking. But if you find that book, then you are sure to bore your audience to tears. Meg Medina’s novel is about a high school Latina girl named Piddy, who recently moved and is beginning a new school. If the stress of starting a new school isn’t enough, Piddy also deals with the fact that she doesn’t know what happened to her dad and other real-life issues and is instantly targeted by the terrifying bully, Yaqui Delgado.

I think any middle school or high school student who is or has ever dealt with a bully would love, love, love this book (so basically everyone). It shows that bullying happens in every school and can happen to any person, no matter how seemingly stupid the reason. Kids can be mean, and this book can show kids that they are not alone.

I’d be interested to find out how much grief parents give librarians and teachers for housing this book in their school. After explaining that the book isn’t full of graphic content and that the characters don’t swear like sailors throughout, are they okay with it? Thinking back to my middle school days, if I were reading this and my mom saw it, I’m sure she would have disapproved but would have taken my word for it that I wasn’t reading something worthless and vile. But would other parents? It’s really an excellent book and I hope that the title doesn’t persuade parents to chuck it.


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