YA Publishing: Traditional vs. Self

When it comes to writing a Young Adult book, another scary decision to make is whether to go with traditional publishing or self-publishing.  In Writer’s Digest’s “The Pros and Cons of Self Publishing (& Traditional Publishing)” by Brian Klems, I found no definitive answer to which choice is better, but did find a lot to mull over.  Below I have listed the pros and cons of each method that I found most helpful to think about.

Pros of Traditional Publishing:

Greater chance that your book will find its way in people’s hands and especially into classrooms and libraries

They edit, format, and create your cover for you (also possibly a con)

Pros of Self-Publishing:

More control over process and final product

Less waiting

Cons of Traditional Publishing:

Longer waits for every part of the process

Less control over changes in your book, price of your book, and more

Harder to make happen – a greater chance of a rejection letter than an acceptance one

Cons of Self-Publishing

Buyers view as less “accredited”

Chance that your book will not be all that you had anticipated

This weekend I have scheduled a chat with a self-published YA author.  I personally think that the easier, faster choice as well as the one with greater control in the overall process is the one for me.  After doing a little more research and speaking with Susan Davis (author of two self-published YA books) I hope to find out if my initial conclusion is really the right one for me.  When it comes to either route, the pros and cons are overwhelming to think about.  The choice is anything but simple.

To see Brian Klem’s full list of pros and cons, check out: http://www.writersdigest.com/online-editor/the-pros-and-cons-of-self-publishing-traditional-publishing


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