Self-publishing in YA Lit

Personally, if I ever finally fully write a YA book, I’d probably look at self-publishing.  I may change my mind in the future, but for now it sounds like a better process for my needs.  With self-publishing, you wouldn’t probably have that great of a market.  If you wanted to self-publish and still have a novel on library shelves across the world, you’d have to do a ton of extra work.  But as for me, I think seeing my name in print on a bound book would be enough.  After you read the process that was given on, you’ll see how much simpler the self-publication process is compared to the traditional route.

I couldn’t finish the semester without at least once referencing the wonderful people at “For Dummies,” now could I?  In their post “The Major Steps in the Self-Publishing Process,” the procedure is simplified. First, they say you should “Choose a self-publishing option, such as offset printing or Print-On-Demand (POD), and then hire a printer and/or publisher.”  There are a ton of self-publishing companies out there.  Even Amazon has a way to self-publish.  Next, “Apply for an ISBN, copyright, and other book-specific information, if necessary (this step may be handled for you, depending on the publishing process you choose and the company you work with).”  Next, you need to handle details of the book like its format, design, price, publication date, etc.  If you are hoping to have a greater potential audience to read your book, you should “Plan and implement a comprehensive marketing, public relations, and advertising campaign.”  Make sure you are also doing some work to promote your book like creating a web site and “sending out press materials, promoting the book to distributors, lining up booksellers to sell the book, taking out ads, and so on.”

Some of those steps can be scratched out if you’re like me and just looking for a way to create a bound book of your writing, not just your blood, sweat, and tears stapled together.  Depending on who you go to, the cost per book in self-publishing isn’t that bad – I saw some places advertise $2.49 per copy.  If you’re looking for more of a memento rather than wild success, self-publishing is probably the way to go for you.


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