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I’ve been engaged for a week now. Although I am incredibly excited to marry the love of my life, I am terrified at the prospect of planning a wedding. I’ve never had to plan an event! How do you choose who to invite? How do you go about setting a budget? Most girls dream about their wedding growing up, but for whatever reason, I never did. Most women around my age have their dream wedding completely planned out on Pinterest. Me, on the other hand? I still don’t even completely know how to correctly ‘pin’ something on the site. So, this week when I was thinking about what I could possibly spend time researching and learning about for the independent learning project, I had a moment of eureka. I’m going to spend time each week finding out what I need to start doing in order to plan my wedding. I want to find out what sort of timeline should I follow, how to decide how to choose a venue, when I should get married, what sort of wedding dress looks best on my body type, and anything else I need to know before the big day.

There are a couple of particular reasons why I’m excited about choosing this topic for my learning project. The first is that I know that since it is an assignment, I’ll actually do it. This probably says a lot about me, but if I didn’t choose this as the topic, I would set a date and then never plan anything else. My wedding would be a week away and I still wouldn’t have gone wedding dress shopping. I’m not a procrastinator (well … not that bad of one anyway). Here’s the thing, though: I’m not really looking forward to having an actual wedding, so I’d put off learning how to plan one and implementing what I would learn until it was almost too late. I think that having a crowd of people’s eyes on me sounds nerve-racking, being responsible for then feeding all of those people sounds anxiety-inducing, and ensuring that all of those people are having at least an okay time will cause me to have a panic attack. However, knowing that the name of academia is at risk if I don’t spend several hours each week researching and then writing posts about how to plan a wedding, I will go above and beyond my own expectations.

The other reason why I am excited about choosing this topic for my project is the wonderful record keeping I will have after it is all said and done. By blogging about what I find out and what decisions I make, I will have quick and easy access to my thoughts on my future wedding. It will be a great reference when I inevitably forget how far in advance I need to decide on my bridesmaid dresses or what exact flowers I want in my bouquet. And, best yet, I can get advice and comments from all of you wonderful people who have gone through what I am about to or who have any neat wedding-related ideas. So, if you have any cool resources you can hook me up with or any sage advice, please leave comments!


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10 thoughts on “Learning Project

  1. First of all, congrats! This must be an exciting time for you. Secondly, I think that is a great idea for your learning project! Good idea about the blogs. You will have easy access to your planning ideas.


  2. Congratulations!! I am so happy for you. Isn’t accountability an amazing thing. I love the thought of having a record of your journey. I know that there are many online photo albums that you can insert blog posts right into. What a great way to capture the feelings and memories of this exciting time. My advice would be to enjoy the journey. Weddings are as stressful as you make them out to be. Have fun…the truth of the matter is the dress, flowers, and cake are only to memorialize that special day. They have no bearing on your future marriage. However, learning to work together, listening to each others concerns, and finding joy in the little things will prepare you for forever! Good Luck:)


    • Thanks, Lara! And thank you for the advice! I have so much anxiety about planning such an event, but I have to remind myself of what you said: a successful wedding doesn’t always equate to a successful marriage and vice versa.


  3. Congratulations! I absolutely love this topic for a learning project. I have to confess that I was totally one of those teenaged girls who bought Brides magazine and fantasized about dresses and cakes. Then my husband and I got married in my mom’s living room with only our parents and a couple of friends present, I bought a dress from JCrew and baked the cake myself! So much for all that teen planning, LOL.


    • I love that story! I’ve seriously considered doing something similar to that (I would call it eloping, but that has such a ‘Las Vegasy’ association to it and that’s not what I want people to picture.)


  4. Congratulations! I think this is an awesome independent learning project! You will not only learn how to plan things with a deadline, but you will make some relationships with people in different businesses! I hope it turns out exactly how you want it. I never planned my wedding as a little girl either; I was too busy playing in the mud. I can’t wait to read your future posts on how your planning is going!


  5. Congratulations on your engagement! That is so exciting. I think that it is cool that you picked such a unique learning project. Its something that applies to your life, and something that you need to learn how to do. It will be cool to see you progress, and learn more as the class goes on.


    • Thank you! I’ve already learned a ton. I didn’t realize all of the minute details that go into wedding planning. It will turn into a lifelong skill I think because I will be able to plan any large events in the future easily.


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