What I’ll be doing on June 18th…


Photo CC by Nicolas Raymond

I’m the type of person who doesn’t bother to plan ahead very much.  I wouldn’t call myself spontaneous, but I’m also not a worrier or planner.  For example, I went to South Carolina for about a week in the fall and packed the morning of the flight there.  I literally gave myself an hour to get ready and to pack; I hardly ever feel the need to give a project more time than I feel it deserves.  But, apparently, I shouldn’t do that with my wedding if I want it to feel polished and thought out, not sloppy and thrown together.  This week for my independent learning project I started my research by finding wedding timelines.  Almost every one that I found advised me to pick a date, ceremony location, and reception venue at least a year in advance.  I knew I wanted to get married next summer when my fiancé asked me, so I figured I better get cracking.  This week I picked a date (June 18, 2016), a time (3:00 p.m.), where the wedding will take place (this choice was easy as I already knew I wanted to get married in my church), and my reception venue (a super adorable, rustic building a couple of blocks away from the church).  It sounds like all of that would have taken such a short amount of time, doesn’t it?  If you thought that, then you and I think alike!  In all reality, all of that took me days (it accumulated to probably about six hours).

I’ll be honest, because I’m not much of a planner; there are times (already!) when I feel slightly annoyed and overwhelmed about planning for an even that won’t take place until about a year from now.  Yet, at the same time, it is fun.  Is that crazy?  Crazy or not, I feel like I better understand how to plan a large event.  Another decision I had to make was the number of guests I will invite.  My fiancé and I went through and did a preliminary list which resulted in about 156 people (we totaled up how many people are in each family we would invite, that isn’t the total number of families).  The reception venue I chose had a maximum capacity of 150.  Therefore, I decided this would be a good fit since not all 156 will come and perhaps we will add a few more to the list by the time we are ready to send out invitations.  I hope all of the wedding planning goes as smoothly as it has so far.


5 thoughts on “What I’ll be doing on June 18th…

  1. You can never overthink a decision as important as your wedding day! It sounds like you already have accomplished a lot due to having planning your wedding as an assignment. I wish you luck on your future planning! Summer weddings are the best!


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