Cultivating my PLN


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Although I am fairly new to Twitter, I have already seen how a person or group can at first seem like a good idea to follow, but then end up being not at all what you expected. In Adolescent Literature I began following a librarian who said she primarily posts about good books for teens with a variety of tastes. I thought that would be an excellent account to follow and it would surely come in handy. But after only a few days of following her I realized that maybe one out of every ten posts was at all related to books. Most of her posts were also fairly annoying and depressing. I quickly found out that you need to figure out, like Howard Rheingold said, the “signal to noise” ratio on Twitter in order to find resources that are actually useful. I also learned from “How to Cultivate Your Personal Learning Network” that I should engage more with people on Twitter outside of our classmates. The post made a good point: “tools like Twitter and Google+ aren’t just a powerful “radar” for discovering great ideas and sharing cool resources with others. They’re also a platform for dialogue and discussion, going beyond information exchanges into deeper levels of communication – sharing insights and experiences.” Is it weird to say that I’m kind of scared of doing that? Because I am. I think learning about online safety 20 times in elementary and middle school has scarred me for life because I am so nervous about talking to strangers online. I realize that the strangers I’d be communicating with are all reputable people in reputable organizations, but it still makes me uneasy. So I think I will just dip my toe in first.

I think it is going to be easy to feed my PLN. Adding 100 accounts that interested me and seemed to have potential for teaching me new information and provide me new resources was easy since Twitter gives suggestions based on your previous following. There are so many organizations and people who blog and post on Twitter about education and English education. There are literally more people posting about education than I can keep up with. Some I could already tell I wasn’t very interested in, but most seem interesting and useful. It’s exciting to read what experts have to say and I can’t wait to see how much I learn!


2 thoughts on “Cultivating my PLN

  1. I have found out the same points you have discussed, Shannon. After toiling over Twitter to find helicopter and aviation companies and pilots, there are many that produce more noise than signal. There are others, however, that I have begun to enjoy reading the articles they post, which helps me to develop my knowledge of aviation and the aviation industry. It will be interesting to see where this takes me!


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