Daily Create! Famous Painting Embed

starry night sky over buffalo

“Do a creative edit in the spirit of Alexey Kondakov. Embed a famous painting in an everyday setting. Have fun!”

The mountain scene is the view of my hometown, Buffalo, Wyoming, from the interstate. Using Paint, I erased the real sky background and then added the Starry Night by Van Gogh as the sky.  Even though you can definitely see that there is a thin line of the real sky between the foothills and the mountains (that light blue strip), I am pretty proud of how it turned out.


3 thoughts on “Daily Create! Famous Painting Embed

    • Thank you! I was pretty impressed with others’ creativity. When I read the task, I immediately thought of this (using Starry Night as the sky). Therefore, when I saw others’ NOT using painting skylines as their backgrounds I was amazed.


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