ds 106


Photo CC by Prasan

After looking through ds 106, I felt intimidated and confused but also intrigued.  My absolute favorite part of the site was something that we’ll be taking part in for Digital Literacy: the daily create.  I love the idea of having a daily challenge.  I love word of the day calendars and daily journals – learning and/or creating on a daily basis is just such a good idea!  I’m only four days into the daily create, but I really have enjoyed it so far.  Each day I have to challenge myself because, although the task may sound simple, what I end up having to do is incredibly difficult.

While looking through ds 106 I ended up clicking on someone’s project.  What she did was amazing, and I have no idea how she figured out how to do it.  She took a picture of a magazine cover with Dr. Who on it and then made it so that Dr. Who was moving.  It reminded me of Harry Potter because any picture of a person can move and talk.  (That’s the best I can describe it.)  This is where I felt intimidated.  I’m sure with the insane technology out there it was easy to do, but I don’t even know where I would have started for this daily create.

One part of ds 106 that I’m still not completely sure about is whether it’s an actual class or not.  I came to the conclusion that yes, it is a class but the university that offers it wants anyone and everyone to be creative and share their genius.  There was a page on the site that had separate tabs for students enrolled in their university taking the class, students from elsewhere (like us) who were using bits of the site like the daily create, and a final tab for people who just wanted to partake in something unique and fun.

Another bit of ds 106 that I wish I could learn more about is the lack of a teacher.  At one point it said that (at least for one semester) the class was teacher-less.  I would like to know what that meant exactly.  How did it work?  Was it successful?  Could that work for other classes, or would it only work for online classes and specifically tech-related classes?  I can’t wait to read what you all thought of ds 106!


5 thoughts on “ds 106

  1. .gif files are wonderful for making pictures move using photo editing software. Transparent photos such as .png’s let you take a square photo and only have the person or object overlap into another photo without having to go and very painstakingly outline the part to cut and paste. There is software out there for free such as paint.net that allows you to “erase” the background so when saved as a .png it becomes transparent.


  2. I’m also intrigued by the notion of a teacherless class and I try to experiment with that in this course. ds106, the website, is a bit overwhelming–so much good stuff! I’m wondering if the Daily Create you say was a gif? There are instructions somewhere for making a gif (somewhere at ds106, I mean). I’ll see if I can find it and tweet you the instructions! I think it’s pretty easy to do.


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