#PenATweet! Daily Create

Pen a Tweet!  I really am so sad that cursive is no longer taught in most elementary schools.  Or at least that is what I’ve been told.  Does anyone have a local elementary school that still teaches it?


2 thoughts on “#PenATweet! Daily Create

  1. It is still taught a bit in Hot Springs, but I’m not sure how much students really learn. How to write their names anyway, LOL. I think cursive is probably becoming obsolete, though there are some good arguments in favor of teaching it. I notice how many picture books have cursive font and wonder how many kids can actually read them!


    • My mom can write shorthand and she told me that it used to be a common practice as well as commonly taught in school (at least at her school). When I first saw a notebook where she used shorthand I asked why she was scribbling because I had never seen anything like it. Now when I have kids I fear that it will be the same way with cursive. I admit, I hardly ever use cursive, but I am happy that I can do it! It’s so pretty and I really do think that teaching it to young children will help them later on in life.


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