Daily Create Poem


Here’s the thing about poetry: I don’t super understand it.  So this may not even count as a poem.  I created 4 stanzas with 3 lines in all but the last (which had 4).  In each stanza the first two lines have 3 syllables and the third has 4 syllables.  The very last line in the poem has 2 syllables.  I didn’t pay much attention to meter or rhythm.

By the way, the daily create assignment was to “write a somewhat serious poem, ideally a haiku or tanka, from the point of view of someone who is going to die and knows it. Haiku in English has been often been taught as a nature poem of three lines alternating as five syllables, seven syllables, and five syllables. Not only is that not really the case (haiku in Japan are often written in one vertical line), but it has done such a disservice to the form of haiku that poets who work in the form are often overlooked. And since everyone thinks they know what haiku are, there are thousands upon thousands of awful poems that simply miss the boat.”  As you can see, I chose not to go the ‘ideal’ route by not writing a haiku or tanka.  I created my own form.  Or used an existing form — that’s quite possible because although I have taken 2 poetry classes in college, I still know so so very little about this art.


Many shout.
Some whimper.
All but I claw.

This dungeon
these horrid
blood-covered walls.

The clear gas
on full blast
stings, burns, and chokes.

Almost done.
Goodbye, my love.
I’m gone.


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