Daily Create Rap!


I’ve been dreading making a video ever since I found out about the Daily Create, but today I felt like it was about time.  Plus, I didn’t super understand what I was supposed to do on the actual daily create assignment for today, so it was a good opportunity to switch.  My daily create choice was to “Record a short video (45 sec or less) of a song or rap that you made about the weather of today in your part of the world!!”

Oh, by the way, the pup in the background is my 8 week old lab and ‘watermelon pie’ is something I just made up.


6 thoughts on “Daily Create Rap!

    • Probably the first and last that I will do! I had to make a video of a scene from a play for an online class a couple of years ago and used sock puppets to act it out because I didn’t want to be seen on camera. I’m a bit of a coward. 🙂


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