Googling Myself


Photo CC by Jason Howie

I typed in Shannon Horn on Google and found out that there is a lot out there about Shannon Horn – but hardly anything about this Shannon Horn. I had a Facebook account for about a year when I was in high school, I have a Pinterest account, I have a personal e-mail account, and last spring I created this WordPress account and a Twitter account for Adolescent Literature. That’s about all that I have. I don’t tumblr; I don’t vine; I don’t Instagram. There’s a show on MTV called Catfish where this duo help people discover if someone they are having an online relationship with is really who they say they are. Most of the time the mystery person is nothing like their online profile, and it’s pretty easy to guess this early on because they either don’t have social media accounts or hardly anything on their accounts (i.e. few pictures, few friends, etc.) My friends always tell me that if the people on Catfish tried to find out about me, they would say I don’t exist because of my lack of social media usage.

Although I don’t engage in social media often, by far I use Pinterest the most. I wish that I would have thought of Pinterest. I visit probably every day and it serves as a great resource for recipes, gift ideas, workouts, hairstyles, you name it.

Other than Pinterest, the only other social media site I use is Twitter, and I only use it for class. So, long story short, I’m pretty boring. If you want to find out dirt on me, I’m sure it’s possible, but you’re going to need more than 6 clicks (like in this video Maybe I should spend more time online, but I’m happy with the balance I’ve struck up.


2 thoughts on “Googling Myself

  1. This sounds like a very balanced online life to me. The goal is to have professional things show up when you Google yourself, and it sounds like you do. I’ve started using Pinterest too, though I rarely use it to search. But I like collecting websites on different boards for use later. Great way to bookmark.


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