Independent Learning Project


Photo CC by Matchfitskills

I posted once about my hotel booking adventures. That website I gave that supposedly would contact hotels for you actually worked! I’ve gotten only about 4 e-mails so far, but that was 4 more than I had hoped for. I thought if it worked then it would be cool, but I had little confidence in it working. So if you ever need to block off hotel rooms, hit it up! I still haven’t booked the block yet, however, because I’m waiting for one (more promising) hotel to open up booking for June 18th (they said their system couldn’t look it up until July 15th).

This week I also researched potential caterers. Surprisingly (that was sarcasm. I know it’s hard to tell.) I had a hard time finding caterers online who are in or near my small town. Luckily, people I know have given me a couple of references. The first caterer told me that he has a small operation, but that he could do it. He told me that he would e-mail me information (which I have yet to get). The second caterer didn’t answer his phone 😦 but I left him a voicemail, so my fingers are crossed that he’ll contact me back.

I also picked out a rehearsal dinner location. My fiancé family has lived 20 minutes out of town ever since he was 3 months old. The area they live in has beautiful landscaping and a gorgeous rustic building. I need to book a caterer for the rehearsal dinner, but I am happy to have found a spot to hold it.

Just to recap (this is more for me than for you haha):

I have …

Set a date

Picked a wedding location and booked it

Picked a reception venue and booked it

Picked out a few decorations (Oh! I should post pictures!)

Purchased a wedding dress and veil

Picked a rehearsal dinner location and booked it

Started calling hotels

Started calling caterers

Next I would like to:

Contact a photographer (for both engagement pictures and wedding pictures)

Pick out wedding colors

Check into renting speakers (I’m thinking of not hiring a DJ and just using an ipod … is that crazy?)

Begin making invitations (I’m going to do this by hand)

Looking at this list makes me feel accomplished. 🙂  I am learning, though, even when you feel like you’ve accomplished a lot, there will always be a things-to-do list.


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