Frustration with Project


Photo CC by 401(k) 2012

Being poor is frustrating.  No.  I’ll tell you what’s frustrating: Being a poor college student planning an event that goes ka-ching ka-ching with each step is frustrating.  But I shouldn’t just jump right into complaining.  Let me start from when the pennies started to be pinched.  Last week I had a goal of booking both the caterer and the hotels by today.  I’m sure you can tell by my negative attitude that that has yet to be finished.  Buffalo (where I’m from) is a tourist town (it’s on the way to Yellowstone and is right at the base of the Big Horn mountains).  Therefore, in the summer, hotels charge a fortune (in my humble opinion, anyhow).  Because I don’t want to force my guests into spending $207 for a night in a room, (is that ridiculous, or am I ridiculous for thinking that it’s ridiculous?) I have been searching for a hotel that is not going to be infested with rats, bed bugs, and who-knows-what but that also comes at a reasonable rate.  Evidently a very difficult task.  Let’s jump to catering.  Apparently, if I’m going to get a caterer, I’m going to have to work for it.  I’ve called three different caterers.  One has yet to contact me back.  One said he’d e-mail me a menu with pricing but has yet to.  One has a menu with outrageous prices (again, is $24 a plate ridiculous, or am I ridiculous for thinking that it’s ridiculous?)  I’m starting to think that eloping is the route to take.  I’ve actually always wanted to, but decided against it for various reasons that do not sound as important to me now as they once did.  Ce le vie.  Now, let’s jump on over to photography.  I called one photographer who evidently no longer does photography.  I contacted another that won’t be back in town until Monday.  I contacted a third who charges a ridiculous amount. (Are you starting to see a theme yet?)  This one, though, I really do want all of your opinions on.  The package I would probably get is $1500.  For that amount I would get 6 hours of her time, an album of 50 pictures, a USB with 150 pictures on it, and 16X20 inch canvas wrap.  I thought that sounded like a ton of money, but maybe that is reasonable?  If you know, then please please please enlighten me.  It’s so difficult to tell online because it so depends on your area for each of these wedding details.  Some websites tell me that I should expect to spend $10,000 AT LEAST for a CHEAP wedding!  Others tell me that I can do it for $1,000.  To which I reply, ‘I am not going to elope at this point – it’s going to be a legitimate wedding.  Please don’t get my hopes up and then crash them down.’

Anyway, after all of that, I did find out a couple more names of caterers and I decided on wedding colors!  Pink and brown.  My final three were silver and gold, pink and brown, and gray and yellow.  But after much consideration and much Pinterest searches/Google searches of these three in weddings, I decided on pink and brown.  I’d love to hear what you all would have chosen!


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