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7/20/15 Device: Laptop Area: Living room on the couch Duration of session: 2 hours What occurred / What I did: Started by looking at the day’s daily create.  Scrolled through ‘what if … ?’ story options and decided on one.   Began typing selected story.  After about 15 minutes, took a break from writing and looked up hotels in my town.  Tried to fake book rooms for the night before and the night of my wedding online to see pricing (both services I used stated that the date was too far in advance).  Looked up phone numbers for two hotels.  Called one and the line was busy.  Called other and successfully blocked off rooms.  Moved on to a photography question I had.  Searched Google for wedding photo albums.  Discovered Shutterfly.  Messed around on it for about a half hour.  Decided to use this program to create a guest book and possibly a wedding photo album.  Moved back to story writing.  Google searched pond book titles.  Google searched predators of a mockingbird.  Finished story.  Pasted it onto my blog.  Searched for a creative commons picture on Flickr and added it to my blog.  Posted final product.  Looked up phone number of a caterer online.  Called.  Left a message.  Moved onto course homework.  Began journal. How I felt: Stressed during the catering part of my searching.  Happy during the writing portion but I needed to take breaks to think of how the story should go.  Relieved but also disappointed when I found Shutterfly. What worked: Shutterfly relieved me because if I end up getting a package with a photographer that does not include a photo album, Shutterfly has the option of putting in pictures and making a really nice book.  I was a little disappointed because using this program will cost me probably $200.  Depending on who I book for photography (I’ll probably decide on Saturday for sure) Shutterfly may work.  Flickr worked.  Finding mockingbird predators on Google worked. What did not work: Looking at prices of rooms by pretending to book them did not work.  Google searching pond book titles did not work (most were kids books explaining the ecosystem – not what I had in mind). Other comments: I jumped around a lot when I was doing all of my work, but I never goofed off or felt like I was wasting time.

7/21/15 Device: Laptop Area: Bedroom on my bed Duration of session: 30 minutes What occurred / What I did: Started to view/read material for this class but then realized that I needed to work on my loan application for the fall.  Searched on Google Whitney Loan and found all of the documents I need.  Called a few places to get other documents.  Viewed my Eaglemail (it’s been a while). How I felt: Depressed.  The whole time I was constantly reminded of the fact that I am poor and that college is incredibly expensive. What worked: Using the internet to get parts of the application done. What did not work: Calling to get parts of the application done. Other comments: It’s scary that no longer can I call somewhere to get something I need, I must get a pdf online and fax it to them.  I guess it’s better than having to make a special 4.5 hour trip to get it done in person, though.

7/22/15 Device: Phone Area: Bedroom in bed Duration of session: 30 minutes What occurred / What I did: Looked on Pinterest for how to DJ your own wedding.  Looked online for articles on what kind of speakers I would need to do this.  Looked for speakers online at Aaron’s rental. How I felt: Worried and stressed. What worked: Looking up everything online. What did not work: Figuring out what kind of a speaker you need to use at an event.  I was so confused by the random letters and numbers associated with speakers. Other comments: I have a friend who is techy and who I hope to ask about speakers on Tuesday when he gets back from vacation.

7/23/15 Device: Laptop Area: Kitchen table Duration of session: 30 minutes What occurred / What I did: Started out by searching for pink and brown wedding ideas on Pinterest.  Then I began looking for save the date ideas. How I felt: Excited.  Decorating and similar tasks (so far) has been the least expensive and the easiest part to wedding planning. What worked: Everything. What did not work: N/A Other comments: At this point, I have noticed that I actually am pretty good at keeping myself on track when I use my laptop, but not always when I use my phone.  When I open my laptop I have a goal.  When I unlock my phone I may just be bored.

7/24/15 Device: Phone Area: Bedroom on the bed Duration of session: 15-20 minutes What occurred / What I did: Looked up highlighting and contouring makeup videos on YouTube. How I felt: At times confused and intrigued. What Worked: The videos worked just fine. What Did Not Work: Trying to do what the video said to do did not. Other Comments: I was hoping to try this out for my sister’s wedding tomorrow (way to procrastinate) but after trying it out, I don’t think I will.

After watching Paul Miller’s Ted Talk (, reading Katrina Schwartz’s article What Happens When Teens Try to Disconnect From Tech For Three Days ( and Leo Babauta’s article Simplify the Internet (, and keeping track of my use of what I do and for how long online, I’ve decided that I’ve created a fairly decent balance of my online life. I’m like a grandma who knows enough about the internet to use the least complicated components. I can easily disconnect from the internet. Last summer on the last day of spring classes I shut down my laptop and didn’t start it up again until the first day of fall classes. I wouldn’t, however, be able to so easily do this with my phone. I would, like the kids in Schwartz’s article, have a difficult time going three days without it. What if an emergency arises and I have no means of getting help? When I’m in Chadron my phone barely works and it’s a scary and terrible feeling. I have yet to figure out why, but when I’m in Chadron during a phone conversation after about the first minute of talking (sometimes less, sometimes more) the person on the other end can’t hear me – I cut out beyond understanding. Twice last semester I had car trouble. Trying to tell someone what was wrong and where I was was simply the worst. I can’t imagine what people did before cell phones were common possessions. Without my phone I feel insecure and nervous. The fact that help can be contacted anywhere I am is something I am willing to give up. Technology for the sake of technology, however, is. I don’t have a Facebook account, Instagram account, and I can’t imagine spending more than 15 minutes every week checking my e-mail. I use Twitter for educational purposes and I use Amazon a few times a year. If I pulled a Paul Miller and disconnected from the internet for a year, I’d be fine. I’d read real books and talk face to face with real people. I’d miss it once in a while, I’m sure, but a life without the internet doesn’t sound like a bad life to me.


4 thoughts on “Tech

  1. WOW!! I am impressed. I kept a log this week but it was not nearly as detailed or as full of emotion. I love the idea of shutting the laptop for the summer. In about a week I am hoping to shut my laptop for a while. (At least until classes resume in three weeks!)


    • I wasn’t sure if I should go that in depth while I was writing, but I figured it’d be better to give too much detail than not enough!
      I can’t put all tech away for that long, but if I didn’t need my laptop for school then I wouldn’t need it at all!


  2. I know what you mean about your phone. A couple of weeks ago I had an appointment in Rapid and left my phone at home. Discovered that I didn’t have it about 20 minutes into the drive and simply didn’t have time to go back for it. I felt weird all day not being able to contact anyone and knowing that if I had car trouble, I’d be stuck on the highway with no phone. As for the laptop, well, I’m glued to it. SIGH. I’ve realized this summer that I really need to get my Internet usage under control. I use it as a distraction from other things that are going on and because reading a few things online takes far less attention and focus than reading an actual book. But I miss reading actual books!


    • Right?! Anytime I forget my phone I think to myself, “Oh great, my car’s going to explode for sure!” Another annoying thing about ever forgetting my phone is that there’s always a loved one who expects a text from me when I go somewhere farther than 30 minutes from home. So then I have to find a way to contact them to let them know I’m not unconscious on the side of the road. Dependence on technology is complicated.


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