What do we learn? What do we do? What questions do we answer? What do you need from this course to be able to say it’s the most useful course you took at CSC? 


I sincerely think that it’s just me. This will be my sixth semester in college, but I still have yet to learn how. I have a feeling that it’s partly because I don’t very much care and partly because even if I did care I wouldn’t be sure how to find out. Whatever the reason, I have very few (and usually incredibly inaccurate) expectations for what I will learn and what I will be expected to do in a class. I never even bother to learn the titles of my classes because they are usually long and in no way (at least in my past experiences) describe the class at all. Therefore, this post of what would be the most useful and beneficial Methods course in my eyes may be interesting…

I suppose, going off the title, (which, as I have already mentioned, usually hardly has any meaning in my past experiences) I would expect this class to teach me how I should go about instructing my future English students. I can hear some chuckles already from those of you who were smart enough to figure out exactly what each of your classes would be about from the moment you became a college student. You’re saying, ‘go read the course description. You can easily find it in the catalog.’ Joke’s on you because I’ve done that before, too and it’s just a jumble of ideas to me.

Anywho, going off of the description I just gave, I would then like to see a class where I not only learn about what to do in my classroom (do I teach grammar lessons? Is it okay if I let my students pick their own books?) but a class where I learn how to teach my students. I’ve been in the position as a student when whatever the teacher is trying to convey is completely lost on me and no matter what they say I can’t get a handle on it. Likewise, I’ve already been in the ‘teacher’ position when I try to explain a concept to a student and they wore a deer-in-the-headlights expression throughout my whole explanation.

I think the best way to learn is to do. Therefore, the best Methods class that I can envision is one where I am not the student every day, but the teacher. I want to create a lesson and not just turn it in for a grade. I want to actually try out my lesson. It wouldn’t have to even be with an actual class, it could just be with our class. The more experience I have as a teacher before I actually am a teacher, the better. Not only do I want to find out how to teach what I am supposed to teach, but how to deal with my students. If I have a student who refuses to participate in class or complete assignments, what do I do?

Maybe everything I just described is already in a different class that I have yet to take. Maybe this is all just what student teaching is. Whatever the case, I’m sure that however Methods turns out, I’ll still have completely different expectations. 🙂


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