If I Were Brave

What would my writing life look like if I were really brave?

If I were brave, I would say what I think.  Politically correct?  Ha!  Happy sunshine?  Sometimes.

I’m brave when I don’t have to turn it in; when it’s hush-hush, for my eyes only.  If I were always brave, I’d be a threat.  I’d not say the blah stuff to make the boring people happy.  I’d say the provocative stuff that comes to mind, finds its way to the keyboard, and then loses itself to the delete key.  If I were really brave in my writing, I’d ignore all of the unwritten rules.  I have before.  But only on the rarest of occasions.  You can’t do it too often or you risk being noticed.  You risk being heard.  Big Brother is always watching, and he’s very perceptive.


2 thoughts on “If I Were Brave

  1. That was a very thought provoking post! I found myself rallying behind you, thinking the same things. Often times we do write or say things differently when no one is watching or listening. I can attribute that fact to still being employed! I think that being brave and being intelligent are two separate things entirely. There are a countless number of time where my heart told me to say something however my brain said NO! Great post!


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