Slice of Life :)

I understand the point behind it, but I always find it obnoxious when people say “No, you can sing. You just can’t sing well.” No, I can’t sing and if you tell me that it’s time for me to get a watch again after I ask you what time it is, I will cut you out of my life entirely.

But in all seriousness, I can NOT sing. I can screech in a way that you may be able to cautiously guess is me trying to sing, but I can’t sing. But almost every weekend I drive on home and all the way back to Chadron and have some quality time with my vocal chords. My, oh my, do I belt it. And it makes the four and a half hours (one way) of driving bearable. I pretend that I CAN sing and I am glorious. (I turn the radio up so loud that I can’t even hear myself, so that’s how that works.) I pretend that I’m a world-famous singer – the profession I dreamt of all throughout my childhood. I have killer moves (funny because something I also completely lack in real life is the ability to dance). I strut my stuff (while sitting, mind you, because I am driving) and I’m just such a stinking diva! It’s good to have an imagination. It’s what makes the monotonous less miserable. It’s what makes the mundane memorable. And it’s what makes the mind-numbing magnificent.


One thought on “Slice of Life :)

  1. I love this image of you strutting your stuff while driving. I totally do that too! And I’m convinced that I sing beautifully in the car when I’m all alone! Sometimes, as a therapeutic technique, I sing when my son is super crazy. Like he can’t even process words, so I just sing what I would say to him if he could actually hear and understand my words. And I totally sound like Buddy the Elf when I sing. It’s terrible. I like to imagine also charming?! Maybe you and I need to road trip together. We’ll belt it out badly!


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