Four Walls

Once upon a time there was a room with four different colored walls. One wall was red; one wall was blue; one wall was yellow. And the last wall? Nobody knew. One day, the red, blue, and yellow walls started to talk. “I don’t like him over there,” grumbled red, “I dislike him a lot.”

Agreement came from the excitable yellow. And blue, sad and moping, claimed he hated that fellow. The fourth wall sat in earshot of all this. Being across and next to, there was no way he could miss.

“I’m only trying to do my job and not let us fall.” Thought the sad, misunderstood, lonely fourth wall. But the three other walls who knew and understood their own and each other’s colors acted as the best of friends – almost like brothers. Their bond was built on their mutual distaste. They talked about the fourth wall like he was some disgrace. Finally the fourth wall had had enough and decided to quit. With all he’d been through no wonder he threw a fit. He wiggled and figgled, wriggled and jiggled. Finally the fourth wall broke free and red, blue, and yellow could now see – though they fell to the floor only to see black evermore. The fourth wall, the “odd ball” came to his peace. Forever and always he would see without cease. The whole world looked exactly like him. You see, the fourth ‘wall’ was a window – glass to the brim! He was more than a color! More than the colors combined! It just goes to show, sometimes the best things at first don’t seem so sublime.



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