Beneath the Surface


Photo CC by Daniel Oines

Fresh asphalt poured neatly on its driveway,
recent beige paint coats its exterior,
its contractor surely given high pay,
and its designer a superior,
one o’ six Maple is unbeatable.
Curtains mask the inside of its windows.
Silhouettes – arguing? – it’s mistakable.
Inside rapidly move two black shadows.
This house, beside two others yet alone,
stands apart for more than its luxury.
Wrecked inwardly, this house is not a home.
Its vast three stories mask an injury.
Cookie cutter, yet something inside calls.
Nightly now comes a woman’s screams of pain;
just audible, muffled by soundproof walls,
what horrors in the night for her remain?
Listen. Tonight it’s loud. Can you hear the screams?
Maybe she’ll escape. If only in her dreams.



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